Support Ticketing
Timely Action, Happy Customers
Support Ticketing
Timely Action, Happy Customers
Multi-Channel Support
Accept support tickets from one of several possible channels: Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Helpline, or Mobile app.
Auto-Ack & Forwarding
Accept pre-sorted support requests directly from customers on your website, and auto-alert relevant executives based on product, issue, and region.
SLA Compliance
Ensure fulfillment of your service-level agreements (SLA) with your customers for tickets with pre-configured issue-wise timelines.
Support Statistics
Get region-wise, product-wise, issue-wise statistics on workload, punctuality of service, and more instantly, anytime.
Included in
Powering Traders & Small Mfrs
(10 users included)
28,800 / year
Boosting Growing Manufacturers
(30 users included)
90,000 / year
Streamlining Large Organizations
(Unlimited Users)
680,000 onwards
+ 180,000 AMC + GST
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