Materials Inventory made Easy
Smart Savings, Strong Controls
Materials Inventory made Easy
Smart Savings, Strong Controls

Integrate, Streamline

Manage smartly with an integrated view of all departments. Optimize use of time, money, and materials.

Impress Customers

Offer an impressive personalized interface to every customer, winning their confidence and orders.

Go Mobile

Say goodbye to spreadsheets & jurassic desktop systems. Get smartly analyzed real-time data at your fingertips.
Purchase Planning
Streamline inventory by buying based on past trends, upcoming sale orders, current stock, and orders placed.
Supplier Analysis
Rate suppliers for quality of delivered goods.
Generate RFQs and compare rates to ensure optimal purchase decisions.
Consumption Control
Monitor the materials consumed versus their Bill of Materials (BOM)-based expectation.
Block materials against key jobs.
Stock Optimization
Identify non-moving stock.
Dispose scrap stock.
Ensure sufficient generation of byproducts based on Bill of Materials.
Included in
Powering Traders & Small Mfrs
(10 users included)
per month (+GST)
Boosting Growing Manufacturers
(30 users included)
per month (+GST)
Streamlining Large Organizations
(100 users included)
per month (+GST)
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